Whether a Client is a technology solution looking to maximize their business with content rights holders (independent or major studio) or a studio / aggregator / distributor looking to forge relationships in new media distribution, Impact Global Media bridges the divide between technology and content, on a global basis.

IGM works closely with all appropriate internal company stakeholders to build out and deliver an overall company strategy/roadmap for digital marketplace transition – including optimization of current TV and Film products in the digital distribution space, including, where appropriate - AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, EST, Manufacture On Demand, Direct To Consumer, etc.


IGM provides strategic guidance around “rights in” acquisition and "rights out" licensing of content, as well as marketing and windowing for both digital and traditional distribution channels and companies. Also, particular focus on building out regular slate programming of content to be released into digital channels.


IGM assists in creating business development strategy and related concepts. We encourage strategic growth both in terms of partners, services and technology solutions with particular focus on quality and quantity of new partners from all sides of the marketplace, including distribution, direct-to-consumer, rights monetization, etc. We facilitate introductions, and assist in the ongoing business development discussions and negotiations with potential customers/partners.


Once strategy is mutually agreed upon, IGM assists in accomplishing the implementation, from initial outreach, contract negotiation through to partner management.


IGM is connected with thousands of influencers worldwide, and provides influencer marketing services for global gaming companies and brands. We know how best to reach your target audience on YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms. We collaborate to find the right strategy for a sustainable positioning of your brand in the world of online video. We shape the future of online video!


So as to ensure goal alignment, compensation ranges from any or all of a combination of: monthly retainer, equity (stock), joining Corporate Board and back end revenue participation.